yesHEis exists to help local churches equip Christians to share their faith.

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We believe that every Christian should be part of a healthy church, and that every new believer should be invited to join one.

That is why yesHEis has been built to complement the mission of local churches: to share the gospel and make disciples. Many Christians are unsure of how to share the good news of Jesus, and while they love God and their church, they rarely find opportunities to tell family and friends about their faith. By embracing yesHEis, a church can give their congregation everything they need to start a conversation with a friend that will transform them, and connect them to church.


Church members can join together on yesHEis and see the impact they're having together for the gospel.


Once a friend responds to a gospel share, members can invite that person to a church service, small group or discipleship course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does yesHEis work with my church?

yesHEis should not replace your church’s outreach strategy. Rather, yesHEis is designed to assist with church growth and empower the mission you’re already on by giving each member of your church the ability to use high quality videos to lead people to connect with God.

What happens when a person receives a video share?

When someone is sent a video by a yesHEis user in your church, they are given the opportunity to view a short presentation of the gospel and can respond. Your congregation member can then invite them to a Sunday service, small group, or a new Christians course to really start them on their journey.

If the person doesn’t really know the sender, they are able to respond to a yesHEis team member in their country instead. Our team can connect them to a local church in their area, which could be yours!

What videos are in yesHEis? Are they theologically correct?

yesHEis content has been hand picked as the most ‘shareable’ on the Internet. Our videos aren't sermons, nor are they packed with "Christianese". 

How much does yesHEis cost my church?

yesHEis is completely free. Our vision is to serve local churches by offering a free tool to help with church growth and reaching your mission field.

How can my church get involved?

We'd love to help your church get started with yesHEis. Contact a yesHEis team member in your area to talk about formally launching with your congregation by filling out the form below.

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